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The Desktop: “Yes You Still Need Me!”

desktop-inspiron-micro-pdp-module-3The data has been crunched and re-crunched. The facts are now clear…yes we still need the desktop computer! Some of us might not need the desktop to be such a work horse. However many have very serious reasons for keeping the desktop around and in tip top shape. Amanda C. Kooser is a freelance tech writer with a passion for gadgets, apps and cars. She wrote a piece about the desktop computer. Asking readers if they still used one. The comments are fascinating to say the least. Here’s one commentor’s take: “Personally I have two Dell desktops, a Surface Pro, Server and a Windows Phone. My oldest Dell is a dedicated media editor running XP because I have some real time video editing hardware that the manufacturer decided to discontinue updating with the latest Windows OS. Instead they keep upgrading hardware. My newer Dell is for everyday computing for word, excel, access, media center TV recording, plus time to time web surfing and email. My Surface Pro is probably used the most. I have edited photos and videos on it. I use it around the house, when I’m out and about for my business for presentations, email, and getting information for work. I’ve connected to my 46″ TV via HDMI and a projector. It could become my main computer if I were to purchase a docking station. However I don’t think the desktop will ever completely go. Some businesses require that their computers are not portable. However terminals could possibly be a solution.”

I think it is fair to say, although the desktop has lost a great deal of footage, it will be a while before the desktop is completely non-existent. In fact it might not ever completely go away. Certain professionals absolutely need that large screen viewing environment along with the ability to spread many apps out over several screens. Ultimately time and technology will tell. I invite you to Read Amanda C. Kooser’s piece on

Visit: Do you still use a desktop computer

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