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“We work with organizations to develop a Modernization strategy. One that involves streamlining and improving digital services and technology systems.”

Our Work…

Our strategy is non-disruptive, manageable, and delivers a positive customer experience. To address the great digital migration, we combine smart global business partnerships with a local presence. We skillfully blend traditional services and emerging technologies. As a result, SysCorp, along with our business and technology partners, is well positioned to design, build, manage and modernize your technology landscape.

Our Focus…

Our aim is to meet your cloud, systems and storage needs today and tomorrow. We are process oriented, and solutions driven. We take advantage of our business and technology partners’ best practices, comprehensive training, skillful guidance and deep industry knowledge.

Partner News & Insights  

Meet IBM LinuxONE⁠. A hybrid cloud enterprise platform uniquely built to host data-serving, open source and hybrid cloud workloads with the highest levels of security, availability and scalability, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Delivering solutions for businesses of all sizes with single frame and multi-frame models, LinuxONE enables you to scale and support the largest databases and the most complex critical applications with the same enterprise-class service.

Service & Excellence!

“Businesses, both large and small, as well as non-profit organizations are realizing the importance of accelerating their digital transformation.”

SysCorp Cloud-EX – refers to the fact that cloud technology is constantly expanding to include new technologies birthed from, (IOT) Internet of Things, (AI) artificial intelligence and (ML) machine learning.  

The client experience begins as we offer our consultancy services to organizations, who have chosen to strategically take advantage of new technologies and have become more responsive to changing market dynamics. We believe Application Modernization helps organizations achieve these milestones. Cloud computing is one of the key enablers of Application Modernization. Our Cloud-EX solutions are proven and backed by global industry leading partners.

Partner Driven Success

Our partners have proven methodologies that aid us in transforming your business landscape. You can remain confident that SysCorp will provide advanced technology solutions that will address your organization’s needs.

Our partners manufacture best in class information technology products, develop methodologies that translate to cost saving services, offer a deep dive approach to consultancy and deliver very specialized training. Additionally, our customers benefit from a wealth of marketing tools and kits to include digital, and in-person promotional events. This rock-solid partner support ensures that we remain focused, and solution driven.

Our strategic and advanced partners provide opportunities for our customers to experience new technology in a hands-on fashion. This leadership and concierge level of service enables us to offer process oriented guided support that drives our customers’ digital acceleration and Modernization, is sustainable, measurable and profitable.

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DL Turner


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